Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My behind the scenes documentary for Whitestone Motion Picture's 'Awake O' Sleeper' aired today on the Whitestone site....

After months of planning, location scouting, casting, four filming days and post production, I proudly present to you...a multi-media masterpiece;) Awake O' Sleeper: Behind the Scenes

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Dependability of a Photograph

As an independent woman photojournalist I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that I am, in fact, dependent. In today’s society where woman are striving for independence both in their personal life and carriers, I find it liberating to state my dependence on the uncontrollable.

I find myself waking every morning to the question of, what is different today than yesterday, and how can I creatively capture that. I wonder how, in my independent nature, I become so wired to depend on the unpredictability of life.

If photography was a human, dependability would be its heartbeat. There are sometimes when I look in envy to painters and musicians who can just sit in a quiet room, with their talented craft, and individually refine it. Then again, there are times where I wouldn’t trade the dependability of photography on its surroundings for anything.

Yes, in photography it is possible to sit in a studio, alone, and shot still life objects. However, the times when photojournalists thrive are those moments when passionate people who are experiencing change, just so happen to be adorned in the most beautiful light.

To create a beautiful photograph, photographers not only look to light and its absence, but we depend on it. We rely on lights ability to expose justice and bring to the surface its adverse. To illuminate moments of happiness and excitement along with shadowing moments of hurt and pain. However, without passionate people, moments of emotions would never be displayed.

As photojournalist we exercise our dependency on passion by capturing the adjectives and adverbs of life displayed through people. To depend, in its definition, means to relying on someone or something else for aid, support or direction.

I would not be able to function in my independence if my dependencies were not present.

Just as I depend on the universe lining up for the perfect photograph each time, I have learned to depend on myself in the same respect. Without welcoming change in my life, I would never have learn to appreciate the beauty of a moment. Without light my eyes would not see contrast and without passion I would not have the drive to seek after people living out theirs. If experiences were removed, I would have no level on which I could relate to my subjects and gain trust. Without these elements, my photos would be meaningless and my quest to impact society dwindled.

Creativity, at its root, is a dependable independence. Therefore, once I fight my womanly desire for independence and submit to the dependability of a photograph, I have created a platform in which photography can impact anyone and on any level.