Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lake Lanier

Today was such a beautiful day at a lake house with new found friends... I love the Atlanta area around sunset, it is so beautiful. The weather is crisp and the scenery so breath taking...The people are awesome too...

For a man made lake, Lake Lanier is a close second to the God made coast I am so blessed to have been raised on.

Jazz Festival in the Park

I am learning very fast that summer time in Atlanta is AMAZING... there is constantly something going on in the city and the young adult professionals are all about living life and that is a refreshing feeling.

This weekend is the 30th annual Jazz Festival in the Park.. What a wonderful way to spend a summer day;) enjoy....

Traffic in Atlanta is bad yes, but Traffic on the way to the jazz Festival is HORRIBLE.. So this shot just shows the po-pos regulation and served as a time passing piece to keep me busy while sitting still

The amount of people in Piedmont Park was incredible. Such a fun afternoon filled with lovely jazz and some refreshing cool breeze

This was such a cute cople that I was sitting behind

I stumbled upon these athletes dancing capoeira and I was drawn to them thanks to my Barcelona friends and their addiction to the Brazilian dancing/Fighting rituals.

The park makes for a great place to showcase ones artwork right under the majesty of the beautiful city

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Craft Day

So yesterday, a group from my internship headed to Gainesville GA, to hit up a friends art studio and work on making materials to print photos on. We had some fun building frames and gluing raw materials to make backdrops. I learned a lot about presentation and added effect and textures that can make your photos stand out.

This is artist Chad Shore as he welds off a piece of scrap we found laying around our studio.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Photo Camp

So every Tuesday morning this summer, the photogs I'm working with are going to hit the streets of Atlanta to make some fun photos and compare what we get... A little friendly competition is always some good motivation...

Today we chose the phrase "Whats Metropolitan about the Metropolitan"

The metropolitan is the warehouse complex that the studio is in, an although in the city, it is not the most "metropolitan" part of town, so today we set out to find the metropolitan that is buried within it. This is what I found...

On top of the hill behind the warehouses, I found some finished art sculptures that were just chillin lookin over the city. Too bad the smoke from the fires down south hit us hard today, and we couldn't clearly see the city.


We discovered this art gallery in the back that had a theatre in which they showed independent films. The reals were still there with film on it.

This was my last shot of the hour, a fun way to wrap up Metrolpolitan!

I'm an Official ATL-er..YAY!

So I started my internship this week in Atlanta and after two days I can say I am officially in love with city life! Even though I get lost every two seconds, I love seeing big buildings and craziness 24-7. I have a sweet townhouse right in Midtown and the people that I am working with are so fun and helpful. So welcome to my new city!

On the Road...

View of the City from my front porch...


Pretty Park

And this last one just made me laugh as I was driving up I-75... It's a little message to my UF photog friends;) I heart you guys and miss ya tons...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Batts and Balls

So this week at home before I head to Atlanta has been filled with inspiration to go shoot. Thanks to my friends at the Sarasota Herald, I have gotten the chance to do just that. Yesterday I went with Chip to Ed Smith Stadium to shoot the class 2A Florida high school baseball semi-finals.

With only a 200mm lens on me, I set up camp just to the right of home plate. I was perfectly set up for a sweet slide to home with dust flying and a collision including someone jumping in the air at the end. BUT, the boys playing had different plans in mind. The game was a blow out 11-5 with Montverde Academy taking the win over Jay High School. There were no slides into home, and even a few slow walks from third. Thanks Boys...

Overall, The game was a great challenge to see what I could capture from a little further away with a different angle than usual. This is what I got...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sarasota Nights

So after some inspiration earlier in the day by a much respected photog friend, I hit the streets of Sarasota at night to find some fun color and light, and shoot to make it my own... This is what I found

Sunday, May 13, 2007

PLEASE help me decide...

So My photo friends at UF are getting sooooo tired of me asking, but I can't make up my mind.

These are two photos that I took while in Barcelona last summer, and I find reasons in both that make each one strong. PLEASE HELP ME Decide which one is stronger...

let me know what you think and why you think it. Thanks!

Sarasota Drum Circle

So, Sarasota never ceases to amaze me. I am home for a week in between graduation and the start of my internship, and have been busy with graduations stuff at home since. But today, I was itchin to shoot. I was thankful that it was mothers day, because my mother welcomed the idea of a walk on the beach at sunset. I knew that there would be something interesting down there, even if we couldn't see the sunset due to smoke.

I forgot until we got into the parking lot at the beach that it was Sunday night, which meant drum circle in Sarasota.

Eben Watson, 10months, enjoys an evening with his drum in the center of a drum circle on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota. The Sunday drum circle has become a tradition in Sarasota bringing drummers and spectators from all over to beat their drums and dance to the rhythms of the beat.

Sarasota County sheriff Chris Laster scans Siesta Key Beach Sunday night as a Drum Circle set on the beach attracts many viewers. "It's after dark when we get busiest,"Laster said. "Thats when we get people starting fires and smoking dope."

Michele Smith and her husband Anton, of N.J., watch as Sarasota County Sheriffs on horseback write a ticket to a beachgoer for drinking alcohol out of a glass bottle on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota Fla.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

When the Winds Shift...

The Smoke rolls in...

The Brush fires that have been happening North of Gainesville have been leaving their mark on the city with continual clouds of smoke and the musty smell of ashes.