Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 87

Spent the day in Orlando Florida shooting a maternity shoot outside in the summer heat.. All bad ideas;) But thankfully for shade and Panera frozen lemonade, we made it!

A Photo A Day Catch-Up cont.

Day 86
Got some studio time in today with the boys of Flurish. Made some new head shots and fun photos to send them on their way to L.A. with.

Day 85
Jumped right back into the Behind the Scenes for "Lest We Forget"... lots of overlapping deadlines...

Day 84
Spent the day editing bridal portraits. Had to wait for the wedding to show you the portraits even though they happened like 4 months ago;)

Day 83
I went to my garden today and got the first true fruit of my labor!!! It went great with fresh Mozzarella cheese;)

A Photo A Day Catch-Up cont.

Day 82
June marks two years since my dad died, and since this wedding weekend was jsut one week before fathers day, I decided to to stop in Spartenburg South Carolina at Sherman Chiropractic college where my dad went to school. I just sat on the grounds for a while thinking. I finally decided to go exploring. I remember visiting the college as a kid with my dad and him telling me that his favorite part was the cadaver lab. So I vaguely remembered where it was so I went exploring with hopes of things looking familiar..I found it right where I remembered it being.. kinda freaky;) I felt so connected to what my dad experienced while I was there that it was hard to leave.

Day 81
Wedding Day..The couple looked so happy

Day 80
After two days of being home, (just enough time to redo laundry and charge the batteries), I headed north to Greensboro N.C to shoot the wedding of David Bunker and Laura Beck. The weekend started with a rehearsal dinner on Friday.

A Photo A Day Catch-Up cont.

Day 79
While I was out exploring new cities and working, my good friend Chelsea and her dog Guinness moved into the house. So fun to have a dag at home;)

Day 78
I was welcomed back to Atlanta with 2 full days of non stop rain... At least I was in at home, inside my dry house, just watching my front yard flood...

Day 77
I arrived back in the ATL with only 2 days to repack before my next leg of the June adventure began. Every time I visit NYC I fall more in love, and this time was no exception. I got home and started to check the RSS reader and realized that photographer Joe McNally had released a blog post about the "how to" in regards to his famous photograph of the worker changing the light bulb at the top of the empire state building. Personally this is one of my favorite photos of NYC. Love it!! So for today I pass along his photo, because its THAT GOOD!

A Photo A Day Catch-Up

June's been a crazy busy month with not lots of down time. I'm finally on the tail end of my 1 month, 7 states, lots of assignments and even more friends! Although I love traveling and the excitement of my job that comes with new cities, it's time to slow down.. But just for a day or two.. I'll be ready to go again by next week!

So for now, enjoy the journey that has been my last few weeks....

Day 76
The morning after the party I headed back into the city to spend some time with some of my favorite people, my amazing photography friends that I shared my time at UF with.. After a day of shopping with Celia in Union Square, we all gathered in Brooklyn for a photo family dinner and some chill time on the roof. Thanks to perfect timing we got to celebrate with Tim Hussin for taking first place in the Hearst phtojournalism competition out in San Fransisco. Way to represent UF buddy:)

-just for fun-

Day 75
I have a large Italian family and it would not be a celebration unless there was incredible Italian food and lots of wine!

Day 74
I headed north by train in NY state to celebrate my cousins graduating. One from H.S. headed to College, and one from Undergrad headed to Med School!

Day 73
My second day in NY, after gallivanting the city, I met up with my long time photo friend Megan Schuab for a fun NYC pizza dinner and dive bar where we got the favorite corner both! Nothing like civilized chaos.

Day 72
My first night in the city, I headed out to Brooklyn to stay with my good friends Celia Tobin and Danny Ghitis. there is nothing more refreshing then hanging out with people who understand you, and happen to be amazingly talented photographers too! It's so refreshing..

Day 71
The morning after we finished filming, I jumped on a jet plane and headed to NYC for some work, and much needed friend and family rejuvination time!

For day's 68,69 and 70 check the previous posts called production day 1,2 and 3 post

Thursday, June 25, 2009

PASTE - Lest We Forget

I know I've been slacking on posting, but low and behold that does not mean that I have not been taking a photo a day! I've gotten to the point where my backpacking back pack has become my constant companion and my external hard drives my new best friends. I've traveled to seven different states this month and am on my last 10 day trip before I'm back in the ATL for a hole TWO WEEKS!!

I plan on updating my blog with lots of photos from my journey in the next few days, but for now I wanted to share with you our completed film of "Lest We Forget" along with the Behind The scenes that I produced, directed and edited.

Check out the PASTE Site for their story on why we did what we did, then head over to the Whitestone Site to see the film and get all the additional downloads including HD versions of the movie, the score and song, and of course.. the behind the scenes and still photography;)

Let me know what ya think!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Production Day 3 "Lest We Forget"

We wrapped our third and final day of production today for "Lest We Forget". It has been a fast three weeks since conception of this film, and we are so thankful for our talented crew that has pulled together to make this film happen.

Today was the day on set, where all our hard work, came together and really made an impact. The countless days of well thought out pre-production came to fruition tonight as we raced the clock in order to be able to film in that magical hour of beautiful light found just about 45 minutes before sunset.

Our crew worked hard and fast setting up several complicated shots at once to keep the filming up at a fast pace. We had teams setting up special effects along the river, by using hand made dirt explosions and paintball guns to simulate bullets hitting the water, while other teams were filming insert shots all at the same time.

We are so proud of our crew, and their ability to fight the time-frame-odds, and pull together an excellent movie through many limitations and budget constraints.

Starting tomorrow we go into full post-production, which means that the collected footage will hit the editing desk and the music and audio will go in to be mastered. We have about one week to pull all loose ends together and present a final film that we believe will impact all who watch it.

Thanks for joining us on this production journey… A complete production video blog will be available come the end of the week, so make sure to check back to the site often.

That’s a wrap!

Production Day 2 "Lest We Forget"

We’re on set for day two of filming for “Lest we Forget”. We spent the better half of the day filming our “hero” character in a river. We found there to be many challenges along with great success.

Our grip team was able to get heavy equipment down the river bank and across the river, while our camera crew searched for balance on slippery rocks all while keeping the CineAlta camera high above the water.

We’ve shot over 70 shots in two days, with about 30 more to go. All shots on set are moving smoothly, and we’re looking to keep up our pace as we head back to the water tomorrow for our final day of filming.

For now, enjoy this sneak peak behind the scenes, but know, It will not make complete sense until you see the finished film in about 2 weeks!

So keep checking our site along with PASTE magazine for release information and weekly behind the scenes video blogs.

For now it’s back to the Water…