Friday, October 23, 2009


Headed south to Miami for some much needed family vacation time. It was an incredible weekend of family, football, sun and beach.. what more could a girl ask for;)

I even got to see the Hurricane's storm through town.. the football team of course;)

Home in the Q

On my way back to Atlanta on my last visit to Sarasota I encountered something I never could have imagined. My flight was delayed 2.5 hours and little did I know that the age old stereotype of "My grandparents live in Sarasota" would visually be played out in front of me during that time.

One arriving airplane, 10 wheelchairs later, it has been confirmed.. ;)

The Sarasota airport is always very special to me because my mom's a contract private pilot and flys out of there very often. So I always try to make a frame or two of this special place.

And of Course nothing says Sarasota like a beautiful Sunset;)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gift Card Giver Doc

I recently shot a short doc for and as I was editing I caught myself smiling! Such a good feeling to be working on projects with heart.

Check out their website, great people doing great things:)

Atlanta House Party from Gift Card Giver on Vimeo.