Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 10

So I got a call today from my friend Joe Trimmer and he started telling me about a photography project he had to do for his art appreciation class. I must admit at first I didn't understand, and I'm still not convinced I totally grasp what he has to do, but non the less we hit the studio for some product shooting. The goal was to take many photos at different focal lengths to composite them together to make one solid image.

After seeing all the little pieces we photographed my creative mind wantted to do nothing less then put them all together. So for todays picture, I'll give you about 60 of them.. enjoy!

Good Luck Joe!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 9

I had a full day of crazy marketing today... Pictured is my most recent batch of Promo Cards (one for Film, one for Weddings)...and my next round of individualized business cards..

Bring on the film, music, sports and wedding circles... I'm ready:)

Hopefully I'll get out and about tomorrow... fingers crossed!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 7 & 8

It was a very relaxing Sunday today.. I cleaned out my office and studio.. its so nice to have such an incredible creative space inside the city;) I am so thankful!

On March 28th at 8:30pm, Atlanta joined with other cities around the world in turning out its major city lights in respect to "Earth Hour". Tall city building lights along with internet street lights were turned off, even the iconic "Varsity" sign. It was so weird seeing my city so dark..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 5 & 6

Day 6...
Double trouble.. Sweetwater Brewery and then Park Tavern.. I love my city:)

Day 5
Spring is pushing through the bad weather.. I can't wait for the sun!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 4

For Day 4 I decided to hand over a video blurb.. I finally challenged myself today to open up Final Cut Pro and put together my DC Inauguration multimedia. Now mind you this is the first itme I have tried exporting for web so it might not be perfect, but I am on my way!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 2&3

Day 3: My Constant Companion for today...

Day 2: Zocalo mexican restaurant hangs baskets on the ceiling.. clearly its normal?!?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

365 Day Adventure - Day 1

Today Marks day one of the next 365 days of adventure that lie ahead of me.

I am long over due for a personal project, and with today being 1 yr and 9 months since my Dad passed away, I see this as no better time than now to start seeing, feeling and experiencing life instead of just looking, touching, and passing it by.

I was challenged by my friend Brett Roegiers to join him in documenting this next year of our lives in photos.

Being freelance, there are many days where I am not shooting, and find myself holed up in my studio marketing the day away. So by encouraging myself to take one photo a day, no matter what it might be, I am encouraging myself to slow down, and experience even the little things that make my days so precious.

I don't wish tragedy on any of you, however for those of you who have experienced it, I am sure that you can relate to the fast pace track that days seem to be on. I am looking to this project as a way to put some cones up on that fast track to the future.

I know it is going to be neat to look back in 365 days and have a little extra documentation to help me remember and treasure the things that are important to me. This is where the idea came from.

So I am putting this out there for all blogger space to hold me accountable on...

My Objectives:
*To take one photo a day for an entire year / 1 video blurb every other week
*To challenge myself to see differently daily
*To work on different technical aspects along with stretching my "turning nothing into something" mentality
*To learn to appreciate the little things that make up the journey that is the 24th year of my life

I felt this photo to be more than appropriate for day 1. I am in love with Toms Shoes and today as I was walking out of my house I saw one of my first spring flowers in my back yard. Made my heart Smile. So I challenge you... "You Must Be The Change You Wish to See In The World"

Sunday, March 15, 2009


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