Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 37 and 38

Day 38
Santa Monica Beach

I'm infatuated with this place:) I saw four possible stories on my way from the beach to the car.. This place is so rich with stories and great light!!

Alex Corcoz of Los Angeles has been working on the traveling rings for over 5 months and says he does it just for fun. "The only problem is it tears up your hands though, anyone would tell you that," he said "But it's so worth it."

Day 37
I got to visit with my two favorite Templeton's in their beautiful new home after I landed in Cali. So great to be surrounded by some of my favorite people

Day 35 and 36

On set with ReThink in north Ga

Day 36
Lead Talent Shadow... in between takes with bright lights:)

Day 35
Camp Talent-Show Preparation video shoot for ReThink...An 'I can't believe you just said that' moment on tape

L.A. and San Fran

Currently I am in L.A. until Saturday(28th-2nd), then I'm on to San Fransisco Saturday afternoon untill Wednesday(2nd-6th)... I can be reached by phone at 941-232-8781 or by email at

Day 33 and 34

Day 34
My Backyard Veggie Garden

Day 33
High wind storms hit in ATL

Day 31 and 32

Day 32
During lunch with my fried Brett Roegiers. Check out his 365 day project here

Day 31
Joe's coffee house welcomes all styles of living;)

Day 29 and 30

Back in the ATL

Day 30
Back on Set

Day 29
I finally hung all the frames over my bed:) Thanks to all my amazingly talented friends who supplied me with signed wall art!!!

Day 27 and 28

I headed to Greensboro North Carolina to shoot lovely bridal portraits for the bride of a wedding I'm shooting this summer. I will post photos of the session after the wedding in June, because the dress is still a secret!

So For now enjoy the the blur of their pup:) Another form of entertainment from the weekend...

Day 28

Day 27

Day 26

I stopped in Gainesville on my drive back to Atlanta to meet up with some of my old professors and some of my PhotoJ friends...

While in the Journalism building with prof Freeman, he showed me the Hearst Photojournalism Contest Alumni photo gallery he hung. I am very proud to say that my photo made the wall, and the competition a few years ago:) Always good to go back to your roots as a reminder of where you came from and how much further you have to go....

Day 24 and 25

Last days in Sarasota with out-of-town visitors

Day 25


Friday, April 24, 2009


I know I know I've been slacking....

It's been one bridal portrait on top of another wedding on top of engagement shoots for me lately.. O yeah with a few movie gigs and airports thrown in the mix.

So YES.. I can relate to today's What the Duck

It reminds me of my photojournalism 101 days when we use to chase firetrucks that had their sirens wailing with the mere hope of finding spot news.. ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 21, 22 and 23


First rainy day in Florida this trip.. it's days like this I really feel for my friends who still deal with daily news assignments.. Weather Feature Anyone?!?

Day 22

University of Miami Mom
My bro got into UM as a transfer for the 2009 Fall Semester.. Wahoo

Day 21 Happy Easter

Spent the Day out in Tampa Bay on my brothers sailboat with the fam.. Such a wonderful day:)

Day 20

I spent the day going through old keepsake boxes from my dads house. Nothing like an unexpected trip down memory lane...

I thought I'd share with you a photo of my baby head shots!'s true..I was a baby model;) look at my first resume... so little!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 19

I decided to drive around Sarasota at sunset today to chase some light. From my edit I realize it's a tree kinda day... I forgot how much I was in love with the light in this town. It's so captivatingly beautiful...

And of course I had some of the most beautiful company along for the ride... My Momma:)

Day 16, 17 and 18

Day 18

The main purpose of my trip to Sarasota was to go through the remnants of my dads things that we have been keeping in storage now for 22 months. I still can't believe its been that long. As I was going through some of the photos he use to have hanging on his walls I found this one. It reads - IMAGINATION: The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams... Dream Big!

Day 17

Tuesday night I set off to the beach to watch a beautiful Sarasota Sunset. It is truly one of the most amazing things you will ever witness.. The light is just so pure.

Day 16

I spent my first full day in Sarasota close to the water... I took a trip over the glorious Sunshine Skyway Bridge on my way to St. Pete to hang out with friend and amazingly talented photographer Melissa Lyttle. I never realized how much being land-locked could do to a person...It's so refreshing to be here!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 14 and 15

Day 15

I stopped in Gaiensville today for an engagement shoot on my journey down south. It made my heart happy when the couple showed up wearing Orange and Blue! The sun was going in an out so I had to keep my lights on hand.

Meet Dan Trifiletti and Nancy Rosselle, soon to be married! Dan Proposed at the duck pond, the same place they had their first date.

Day 14

I set out from Atlanta to head south for a week of work and play. Sarasota was the final destination, but of course I had to make my stops in Valdosta and Gaiensville along the way.

Thanks to the start of Spring Break (If I saw one more car with "Florida or Bust" written on the back window..) and a wreck on the interstate, a 3 hour drive from Atlanta to Valdosta took me 6.5 hours.. I was going insane.. At least the long drive ended with a beautiful sunset;)

The open road and Florida light was such a delight once I found it...

Day 12 and 13

Day 13

On Friday night I had the joy of photographing two separate shows that were happening simultaneously on opposite ends of the city... Gotta love show hoppin..

Flurish...check out their music here

Trances Arc...check out their music here

Day 12

Thursday evening I met up with my friend Sidney at our favorite East Atlanta Coffee shop to talk art, passion and photography 101. Nothing like trading some photography lessons for a new hair style with an amazing friend and talented hair stylist!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 11

Happy April you Fools ;)

Spent the morning with my friend Ellen and her lovely pup Rooney at the coffee house/dog park!!!

Rooney had a crush...;)

Happy April Fools Day!!! Be back tomorrow:)