Monday, September 29, 2008

Awake O' Sleeper

Awake O sleeper is live and ready to rock your world... Check it out at on the Whitestone Motion Pictures site. You would never guess we shot day one in the rain and day two, three and four in the bright sunlight..

Stay tuned for more production stills and the behind the scenes multimedia real soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Norton Wedding

First wedding I've attended in two years that I haven't had to shoot. I must admit, my camera's always with me and it's hard for me to just put it down. I found myself constantly wanting to document the beauty that was my two friends, Russ and Tracy, getting married. So I did.

South Carolina

The beauty that is a weekend in South Carolina Lowcountry on Fripp and Lady's Island...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Athens Wedding

I headed out to Athens on Friday to shoot a wedding at the State Botanical Gardens. I must admit there was a fog over my head and confusion in my heart, which I can now tell transfered into some of my favorite photos from the night. My goal for myself was to see off beat compared to the perfectly arranged photos I know I can take. It's amazing how much my mood found a way into the photos I was capturing. It's the imperfections that make it beautiful. The over exposed, backs turned no face treasures.

I like chasing light


I've been spending a lot of time lately with Final Cut Pro, and I am here to admit I think I'm falling in love. My latest adventure with FCP, as I like to call it, has been editing behind the scenes footage from "Awake O Sleeper" that I shot while on set with the Whitestone Crew. I am so thankful for opportunities to mesh my still photography with video, and enjoy the multimedia masterpiece that it creates.

As a still photographer, I have always valued the power of an image. The reason I began photography years ago is because I was completely captivated by the ability an image has to bring emotion to a society, and help elicit change. Now, as I begin to dive into the world of motion picture, I am beginning to see the power of that same still image, just at 100 frames per second.

For now its Back to Work.. Stay Tuned...

*Yes that 3:55am time stamp is right.. What can I say, I tend to find the most inspiration in the middle of the night, when all the cares of the world seem to be asleep and its just me, making art.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Today was a perfect ending to a beautifully relaxing weekend filled with friends and my Whitestone family.

During our "Wrap" party today, the families of our crew came together for some fun times. It was child central and innocent inspiration was the way to go. I was reminded as I held what seemed to be perfect little toes of a friends baby girl just how precious life and family are.

"Silly Faces"-baby Evie with Daddy Billy Wilkerson

"Precious Toes"-baby Storie McCormick

"Innocent Wishes"-Javi Marrero

Go Gators!

I spent my Saturday evening swimming in a sea or orange and blue with friends at the alumni bar in Atlanta watching the Florida Gators take down the University of Miami hurricanes. Although the Gators won, there were some agonizing moments waiting to see if calls would be reversed and yards gained. Overall, it was refreshing to be around a group of friends who shared my passion for the Florida Gators and for Football. Man I love the fall!

Gator Fans at East Andrews in Buckhead, watch patiently through TV reflected HD lights for an official call from the field determining whether the Gators completed a first down during the third quarter of Saturday's game against Miami.

Gator fans celebrate after a call on the field was reversed, and a first down was granted, leaving the Gators within 30 yards of the endzone.