Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Story of the Storyteller

I put together a short synopsis of a very hard realization I have come to these last few months.

Since graduating from UF two and a half years ago, I feel that my journey with photography has been spun around and tipped upside down many times. What started in newspaper quickly moved to non profit and then back to newspaper. From there I've tried weddings, freelance, magazines, the music industry, production companies, I've even given shooting video a go!

The one common thread I've found entangled within all my new adventures and titles, is the common passion of being a storyteller. It doesn't matter what the medium is, as long as I'm visually telling stories that will ultimately make a difference, I'm happy.

So here's to working toward happiness in whatever step we find ourselves on in this adventure....

the story of the storyteller from Luanne Dietz on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Zack Arias

I wanted to take a second to direct your attention to a friend, and talented Atlanta based photographer Zack Arias. About two days ago he posted a blog asking photographers "how many of you are on the dock?!?". After the post went viral, something happened that no one could have expected. A blog post that was meant to inspire and draw up conversation, turned into "photographers anonymous" in regards to the fears we all have in following our passionate dreams.

As Zack sat on his porch with his wife and thought about how to handle the next days blog post, kinda where to go from here, a man walked up in his yard looking to sell him a bottle of soap. Zack said he knew at that exact moment that this man held the answers to all those searching that responded on his blog. He ran inside and grabbed his Canon 5DMarkII and shot a video called Dope,Soap and Hope. The next morning he posted it on his blog, and the responses were overwhelming.

The thing that hit me the most after following this blog for the last three days is the overwhelming support that people have to see others succeed. The first day served comment after comment on how hard it is to launch off and become a photographer and make money in the business, and the second day handed us comments about how inspiring this mans life is and how can we all help.

Zack this morning posted day three of this encouraging journey with Derricks Hope Soap Fund. Allowing and outlet for all who care to buy a "virtual" bottle of soap so that we can all make a difference in this mans life...

This to me is just a practical application of world changing photography!!! Way to Go Zack!!! you are changing lives, and I am so grateful to become a part of it.. P.S. I bought a bottle of "soap", I encourage you to too!!!

Please click on all the links and take some time to look at this three day journey.. it is game changing! I promise!

Production Bobby Watkins

After four days of Principle Photography, Bobby Watkins is a wrap!

The teams have operated so smoothly, allowing this to be one of the most efficient and creative shoots yet. We’ve completely built out the back yard to create “Bobby Watkins” birthday party and worked within all departments to make sure the scenes we are shooting are exactly as designed from the storyboards.The actors worked brilliant in fulfilling their roles of a 1950’s era family. From costumes to set design to camera techniques and technicolor, our team did their research to determine what would make a great film from that time period.

We’ve been working diligently to refine our departments and how they work with one another to create synergy and unity for the set. When the grip team is called on set, they know their job is to physically set up the shot while the camera crew is on stand by. After the grip team gets set, they move out and call for the camera crew, which then allows space and time for the camera crew to come in and set the CineAlta up along with providing initial camera view for the director to start tweaking the frame. While this is happening, you have wardrobe working on costumes while Video Village is surrounded by the script supervisor and art director to make sure the frame is clean and correct. Finally the director looks at everything, making sure it’s all what he wants, then calls for action.

Stay tuned for a full length behind the scenes as it develops....

Bobby Watkins Pre-Production

I've spent the last month working with Whitestone preparing and shooting their next short film, to release later this month, Bobby Watkins. As always this team never ceases to amaze me. With a film set in the 50's and modern time homes not catering to that style, our team went in and decided to build out most of the set from scratch.

Bobby Watkins is a short film about a boy who plans a scheme, in hops of tricking his parents into having a birthday every day... Will it work as planned?!?! you'll have to wait and see;)

Pre-Production Vignette

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gift Card Giver

I spent the evening documenting a "Get Carded" event for gift card giver. Check out their website at

The concept behind gift card giver, is that almost everyone has unused gift cards, that they have been given for one occasion or another, sitting unused in their wallets. So I joined friends of Gift Card Giver as they got together to "Get Carded" at a local East Atlanta home. They gathered for an evening of food, games,a silent art auction, and live music, but not before they got carded at the door. Each person attending the event was asked to bring a gift card that they wouldn't mind donating to a cause. The cause that these East Atlanta friends decided to support was the East Atlanta kids Club.

After all was said and done, the Gift Card Giver house party in East Atlanta raised around $1395 for the kids club. The house party was a sweet success. To see more from house parties in different cities, check out their website here.

365 Update

So I wanted to give everyone an update on what I'm doing with photography and why I have not updated in a while.

Bad news first...On the down side I am here to report that I have epically failed with my 365 photo project. Life and work have gotten the best of me, and I have gotten to far behind in posting. So Sorry... I will try again most likely at the new year with a fun new 365 project I have brewing in my head!

On the up side, I have been getting lots of work and assignments, and have been traveling and working non stop this summer! I've gotten to shoot many fun weddings in various cities, along with experiencing redneck games in mud pits and behind the scenes on movie sets, all within weeks of each other might I add.

On top of all my freelance work, I have decided to guest lecture along with teaching a visual storytelling 2-day workshop at the Showcase school of photography. Both the lecture and the workshop can be registered for here if you're in the Atlanta area and are interested.

So stay tuned to the blog for photo and video updates, and know that you have my word on doing all that I can do to start today, a new day, with more consistent updates;)

I look forward to your comments on upcoming post and feedback as to what you enjoyed!

For now its back to the editing board....