Saturday, August 30, 2008


I’m sitting here at Taco Mac in Atlanta with a Sweetwater Blue in my hand and the Gator game on television reminiscing about what once was. Today marks the first day of the 2008 College Football Season, and my first, first day of the season, in 3 years that I am not on a college football field photographing the game.

It’s amazing for me to look back over the last year and see A. how far I’ve come, and B. how much life changes.

This time last year I was in Athens getting ready for the Georgia Bulldogs to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys. I was working as a staff photographer at a newspaper and living in a suburb of Atlanta. Now, a year later I have gone total freelance, am working with a motion picture company shooting stills on movie sets, and am about to move into a house in East Atlanta with a photography studio attached to it. I am so thankful.

Photo by the lovely and talented Kendrick Brinson.

That's a Wrap

Today wraps our last day of shooting for ‘Awake o Sleeper,’ and marks the first day of a long and fun, editing process. I’m excited to see this behind the scenes documentary come together. I will tell you one thing, when you’re on set with just one other girl, and about 20 guys, it makes for interesting conversations. What we thought to be a three-day shoot turned into three and a half due to weather set backs and some difficult shots we decided to add in at the end.

Friday was probably the hottest day of all out on set(I missed today's half day, it might have been hotter). The sun was beating down so strong and our drink supply was taking a big hit. I’m pretty sure we went through every color of Gatorade there is, each. With our first day of filming being cloudy and rainy and our second being light and airy, a third day of hot direct beating sun set our exposures for a loop. We used the blackout flag on takes that we could, and on others we just had to improvise. Whether that was with the black umbrellas we had on set, or waiting for the few clouds to cover the sun, we were in ‘make it work’ mode. Either way, the hurry up and wait game of photography was in full bloom. But, I am happy to report it was so worth the wait.

Now that filming is complete and we’ve made the magic happen, its time to let the magic take over. Like in everything, movie making not only takes talent and skill, but it also takes time and dedication. From here we proceed to load the footage, piece it all together, and be amazed.

So for now I leave you with the anticipation that is the magic behind ‘Awake O Sleeper’

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 2 on Set

At the end of the day, when the cameras packed up, the tapes are rolled back and the music is put away, the bottom line that rings true for all our crew is that we truly love telling stories. The individual talents we all have are merely tools we’ve been given to be the best storyteller we can be.

Some of us tell stories best by picking up a camera, while others choose to journey with musical notes and bass guitars. Some even choose to be actors, providing a visual connection with this magical world the grip crew helps create.

The worse feeling as a storyteller is feeling that no one’s listening. The audience of a story can make all the difference, however sometimes the best audiences are storytellers themselves. I believe inside every person there is the ability to be a storyteller, even if all that means is telling someone about something you read once that made you think. As story tellers we posses the ability to dream and imagine, and furthermore to create. We have the authority to capture, sing, write or act, anything and everything that we feel is worth being told.

The most exciting thing for me while being on set is seeing the meshing of talents. Movies serve as a great medium for talents to collaborate and dreams to be turned into reality. A place where magical dreamt up worlds can be created and explored while dynamic musical scores tickle the ears of those who didn’t even know they wanted to hear. Where the talent of the director to see beyond what is there, meets the talent of the actor to perform in ways in which people have never scene. Where lenses and camera gear push photographers and videographers to try new things and face unexpected, yet welcomed challenges. Where the cries of the audience to be told a story ring so loud in the ears of the storytellers, that we wont stop until the story’s heard.

(L-R) Nick Kirk,Me,Billy Wilkerson - We had to find something to do while not helping set up the first shot of the day;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Act 1 – Scene 1 – Take 1

Today marked day one of filming for ‘Awake O Sleeper’

I’ve taken a moment to step out from behind my camera and bring you behind the scenes and into the magical world we call, making movies.

The day started off a little slow due to weather set backs and first day filming glitches, however once we started to shoot, I guess you can say all the links just fell into place. Set to the majestic score written by Nick Kirk and Billy Wilkerson, the chains were ready to clink and the cameras ready to roll. Not to mention the actors, who all fell in line and continued to keep time. Using for the first time equipment we only dreamt of, set in scenes we could only imagine, we were off to a great start. Inevitably after fixing generator malfunctions and audio levels, the rains rolled in along with the film, forcing us to take five. During five, which tuned into ten waiting for the rain to stop, we were able to see the first roll back of the day, assuring us that something magical was on the horizon.

From hero props and dirt make-up to the fisher camera dolly to the boom. From the CineAlta, to the director, onto the actors and the crew, today was a sweet success. A great beginning to a few days of turning fantasy to reality and taking story telling to all new depths.

Stay tuned to for daily blogs during our shoot...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whitestone Update

I wanted to recap some of the work I've been doing with Whitestone Motion Pictures by attaching links (click on the titles) to some of the short films I've been shooting stills on. I am so thankful to be surrounded by such creative, amazingly talented minds....Check it out!

Robert The Robot

The Wind

Watch Makers Son

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes from our upcoming film Awake O Sleeper. But for now, heres a little something from the audio session with Whitestone Composer Nick Kirk.

(I know I Know I broke out the fisheye... Again)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Product Shoot

Harley Davidson, Starbucks and Corvette...

This next one I took in remembrance of Geekfest 2008. It just so Happens during our inside Starbucks shoot the time read 5 MINUTES TILL 1....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Geekfest 2008

During A Photo A Day's Geekfest in St. Pete, I took my intrigue with photographers and which eye they shoot with, and decided to compile a photo that makes me happy! I present to you the lens with the eyes and the talent that lies behind them...(from left to right: Marcas Yam, Noah Devereaux, Edmund Fountain, Kendrick Brinson, Matt Roth, Julia Robinson, Rob Hart,Lindsay Moore, David Banks, Matt Dean, Matt Slaby, James Gregg)

Although we were in the sunshine state, there was a lot of frolicking in afternoon summer storms that served as one means of making our trip so memorable...

More fun friend photos posted on facebook. Feel free to check them out...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Paper Head Human Body

I Headed down to Florida this weekend to hang out with some fellow A Photo A Day geeks at Geekfest2008. (Photos to come later, I'm exhausted)

But I wanted to take a second and share with you a photo and a story that made me smile from the weekend. Sunday during geekfest, APADers got to share in the radiance of beautifully played photography in print as St. Petersburg Times photographer and friend Melissa Lyttle's in depth story ran in a special section.

Check out this incredibly moving story and Melissa's compelling photographs online at