Sunday, May 31, 2009

Production Day 1 "Lest We Forget"

It’s day one of three for production of “Lest We Forget” and the crews on set in the back woods making movies.

With upwards of 40 shots being recorded today, all hands are on deck. The grip teams working with the Fisher Dolly and the camera teams swapping Digi Prime lenses as I type.

We have civil war re-enactors from the 30th Georgia Company E regiment joining us on set today helping with accuracy and reenactment. They are here with muskets in hand and ready to fire!

I'll be updating the whitestone blog (and mine!) over the next few days for updates and photos from set, so stay tuned. You can follow Whitestone on twitter, here, for real time production progress along with sneak peek pictures from the director Brandon McCormick.

For now it’s back to work … Quiet on Set…

More photos at
Crew Photo by Brian Scott

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 67 - Lesson Learned

So I had the reality of a lesson learned AGAIN today.. One thing that college taught me about my camera was to carry it everywhere. "You never know what kind of picture you might find on a routine trip to a public restroom" they told us. So it's been engraved in my mind for some time now never to go anywhere without your camera. Well, today I broke the cardinal rule and was reminded just how painful that is.

I set out on an adventure to find Bob Shelly Special Effects to pick up a prop for our Whitestone film this weekend, and low and behold, the clouds were cooperating and the coolest old buildings were surrounding his location. So, as I searched for my non existent camera, the best I could do in that moment of personal shame, was pull out the old blackberry cam... So enjoy this photo knowing that the lesson learned behind it is much greater than the quality of the image;)


My second week video blog of pre-production for Lest We Forget went live today.. Check it out on the Whitestone site HERE

Day 66

I decided to take a "What's in my Bag" shot today as I am packing and getting ready to head on set with Whitestone for the production of "Lest We Forget".

D300 (primary camera), D200 with battery pack (secondary camera), Canon HV30 HD video camera with external canon mic, 17- 55mm 2.8, 85mm 1.8, 80-200mm 2.8, fisheye lens, split-cam 35mm (for fun), gaf tape, mini hard drive, Firewire card reader, extra batteries, extra tapes, long sleeve under armor shirt (I hate bugs), water shoes, water resistant socks, bug spray (with Deet!), head lamp, pill case with allergy medicine and Tylenol, promo cards, gum, news reporter notebook, pens, WATER GUNS and of course, a girls best friend... LIP GLOSS!!!

And of course, not pictured my crackBerry and MacBook

Day 64 and 65

Day 65

Headed out with the Whitestone ladies wardrobing... We hit the Jackpot of Civil War Clothing in Georgia

Day 64

Celebrated our friend Nick Kirk's birthday during our pre-production meeting this week. I am so thankful to work with amazingly talented friends.

Day 63

Sometimes we have to be reminded to write our own story;)

Day 62

Celebrating Memorial day in color

Day 61

I love the sound of the Fed-Ex truck... especially when it's bringing me GEAR!

Welcoming a new 85 1.8 and 80-200 2.8 into my gear bag;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 60

My good friend Chelsea Kelly came to visit this week, and while she was here we decided to play in the studio and frolic in the streets. So much fun when passion and talent meets beauty and friendship:)

Day 59

Spent the day piecing together my first weeks Behind The Scenes Pre-Production vignette for "Lest We Forget"... check it out HERE!

Day 57 and 58

Day 58

Set out early with the team to location scout in the woods. Let's just say I'm not really into the bugs and dirt, but it sure is pretty;)

Day 57

Today marks day one of Pre-Production on our next short film "Lest We Forget". Spent the evening sitting around a table with the Whitestone Department heads creatively problem solving and stamping out a schedule for our next jam packed four weeks.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I sat around a square table today with some of the Whitestone crew at PASTE Magazine to meet with editors about an upcoming project. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such talent continually and am proud to announce that we have the green light for our next film!! Here is the statement we at Whitestone released

Whitestone Motion Pictures in association with PASTE Magazine is proud to announce it’s next short film project called “Lest We Forget”.

This civil war action short is being created as a donation to Paste Magazine in support of their “Campaign to Save Paste,” which is rallying together the artistic community in order to raise money to save the independent and innovative magazine. The film is centered on the idea of standing apart from what others tell you and sacrificing yourself for what you believe in. Approximate run time for the film is three to four minutes and will feature original story, cinematography and music created from within our Whitestone team.

We’ve jumped in with both feet on this project to create it at record speed from idea to completion in just four weeks. “Lest We Forget” will premier exclusively through the Paste website in mid June.

At Whitestone, we believe in the independent spirit of Paste and are lending our talents to support other independent leaders and artists, which is why we are donating this film for their cause. Throughout this project we will be documenting the process in weekly video blogs to be released every Friday. So stay tuned for sneak peaks from beginning to end including everything from brain storming sessions to location scouting all the way through to music and production.

We’re excited about this collaboration as a film making experience for Whitestone, and hope other artists will support Paste Magazine as well. Only by banding together can we embody the independent spirit that drives us all.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 55

Roller Derby!!!!

I went with some friends to the Atlanta Roller Girls double header bout's on Saturday. I've seen many photo stories on Derby girls before, but I must admit until you see it with your own two eyes you can not fully understand that which is the Derby Culture. Such a fun Saturday evening...

I know I know It's Blury...But it's Proof that I can be a DERBY GIRL... haha just kidding;)

Day 54

I'm in this discovery phase where I love to try new places, so for dinner the other night I went with the incredible Jesse Phillips to a Hibachi place we had never been to. It was such great food and a fun show for sure. I mean we even got a mushroom and some rice flung at us as "part of the performance" We laughed ;) But I must admit, the volcanic onion is my favorite!

Day 53

I had a video chat date wit the lovely Ariel Zambelich today. Here she's showcasing to me the beauty we call a Nikon 80-200 2.8 :) I am glad to say I am its new owner and it is on its way to my house as I type!!

Day 52

Eddie Adams

I spent the Day going through and re-editing my portfolio along with writing my personal Statement for the Eddie Adams photo workshop that I am applying to. I realized that putting words to heart actions can sometimes be really tough. I thought for today I would share a little bit of my personal statement and a photo from my portfolio. Enjoy this little glimpse into my complex passion of photojournalism:)

"As a photojournalist, I’m driven by the desire to capture moments of people who can tell their stories through their eyes and express their passion in their actions. I look to document life as it exists with intent to record the legacy of others all while defining mine. The truth is that my validity as a photographer came a year and a half ago when my father passed away unexpectedly. I am reminded of the power of photography daily as I look at photographs of my dad, which now remain as the only link between him and my future. As a photographer I feel a certain responsibility to my subjects to be the best photojournalist I can be, in order to tell their story in the most effective way possible."

Restoring Innocence - Set in a small town in north Georgia just outside of Atlanta, six girls find freedom behind closed doors. Taken from abuse and placed into a restoration home, these girls are out to rediscover the innocence of their youth.

Day 50 and 51

Day 51

Photos are hung in the Coffee Shop, and they look So GOOD!

Day 50

Marks day one of working on my coffee shop gallery at Gathering Grounds Coffee House in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta. I set out to the printer and the coffee shop today to get an idea of what is being hung where.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 49

Back to the ATL grind

Closing down coffee shops while marketing the still open west coast...gotta love it:)
My favorite East Atlanta Coffee shop Joe's

Day 48

Batter Blaster Pancake Give-A-Way

Hit up Centennial Olympic Park in downtown ATL for some fun photos and free pancakes ;)

Nothing like trying to break the Guinness World Record for most pancakes served in eight hours.. Caption info to come.. My notebook is removed form me in the car;)

Waiting to walk across the stage for graduation from Georgia State wasn't the only line to wait in on Saturday;)

Day 47

It occurred to me while I was on my way to Savannah that I literally, in less than 24 hours, was on the west coast of the country and then on the east. This has always been a desire of mine, and I am glad to say I can kick it off my bucket list. So FUN!

From the Golden Gate Bridge on the West to the Talmadge Memorial Bridge in Savannah on the East

And while we're comparing....
It has been amazing to take the time and stop while traveling to just enjoy what a city has...From L.A. to San Fran.. I'll elaborate on that thought a little later. But for now.. STOP

Day 46

Just call me the Love Paparazzi -I knew I learned something from my L.A. trip;) lol-

As soon as I landed in L.A. last week I got a call from a college friend who enlightened me with his secret plan of proposing to his g/f the following week in Savannah. Since she had never met me we knew that paparazzi style would work perfect. his plan was to propose along the side of the beautiful fountain in the lovely Forsyth Park. He could not have chosen a more beautiful place.

Meet the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Bell

I love working with sweet guys who go through so much to make that special day so perfect for their soon-to-be bride ;) Nice job Ricky... She had no idea, she was so surprised!

I got found out

She was so surprised

He did good;)