Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stranger in a Familiar Place

So I've been in this place lately of rediscovering my own creativity. Removing myself from the influences that might crowd my mind and surrounding myself with things and people that help bring me comfort and rejuvenation.

To say that I enjoy spending time with people is an understatement. If it were up to me I would be around people 24/7.

For a person with this personality type one can only conclude how hard spending time alone to search deep inside can be.

Through this process I've learned that the best form of procrastination is a Mani/Pedi, and if you splurge for the spa pedicure you get 15 additional minutes in the massage chair. I've also learned to look to the little things for great distraction. For instance, I've never talked with my neighbors more or cleaned the house as much as I have while I've been procrastinating this journey of introspect.

So, all distractions aside I've headed to Florida for a vacation with ME!

I grew up in the lovely beach town of Sarasota, and up until about a week ago I could say my mom lived there. I've been out of SRQ now for over 7 years but every time I go "home" there are just some constants I can guarantee.

Well, this trip has been everything but constant. I showed up to an empty house, that at this point just holds memories. I drove around what might as well be a deserted town, as most all my friends and family are no longer there. And I ordered to-go from the local chinese restaurant like I was a stranger in a familiar place.

As I went to pick up dinner, there was a storm rolling in. It seemed very metaphorical for this time in space. The fortune inside the cookie could not have been more dead on. So I took some time in the emptiness to seek out art and let my mind wonder to a place of complete creativity.

This journey has been all sorts of wonderful, and I'm not even half way through. I have a big trip on the horizon for the summer and a renewed desires to make it my own. Stay tuned for details in the near future;)

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